In a moment like the one we are living, in which for the emergency related to COVID-19 it's important to stay at home and keep a physical distance between us SEGNI decided to keep contacts with its audience, children and families with a series of daily creative appointments on the web to be shared parents/sons.

Today is a special day, it starts the Phase 2, it means that from the rules we go to the COMMON SENSE, with rules.

In today's episode we read the story of a walk written by Gianni Rodari: La passeggiata di un distratto and we applause ourselves as in theatre because at the end of this Phase 1 we were good, together we respected the rules and prevented the viruses to infect many people.

We at Segni do not abandon you even at this stage, we try as usual to give voice, collect suggestions, share, listen... Stay tuned on our social channels, if you have lost some videos in today's post we launch a new site that collects all the videos and contents of this time spent together: all the episodes of COLORAVIRUS!

Following the tradition, we leave you with another small contribution. A small gift from the actress Chiara Masseroli of Teatro Prova, which we hosted last year at SEGNI New Generations Festival with the show Boboboo.

Watch the video HERE

To find out who Luna's friends are, continue viewing HERE.

In collaboration with Gazzetta di Mantova and with the support of PERHAPS ADV.
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