Cristina Cazzola
Art director of the association Segni d’Infanzia
Hired as employee by the association since 14/05/2012
Gross compensation for the art direction of SEGNI New Generations Festival corresponding to euro 30.009,22.
Curriculum vitae Cristina Cazzola
The data are published as required by art. 9, paragraph 2 of the decree of law No 91
and converted by law No 113 of the 7th October 2013, “ Urgent provisions for the safeguard, the valorization and the relaunch of the cultural heritage, the cultural activities and tourism”.

The members of the Board of directors  of the association Segni d’Infanzia in charge since 01/02/2015 are:

Ezio Cazzola as President from 15/03/2012 to 31/12/2020

Lucia Rastelli as Vice-President

Elisabetta Girolami as third member of the Board of directors

The members do not perceive any remuneration for their task.