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SEGNI IN ONDA is born. It is a platform that allows everyone, boys and girls, parents and teachers to participate to the festival, even at home or at school. We are doing this for you, for all of us. Our children need to continue feeding their imagination and we too, with them.

Help us to develop our platform and ensure a future 

Find out what kind of donator you are or donate all that you can. Your contribution allows us to ensure free access to the platform for everyone, until November the 30th.



You are small, but fundamental: without you, terrestrial biodiversity would not exist. So, what are you waiting for? Lay the foundation for the development of life on our planet! You can donate and convince others to do the same. You will find your name in the list of the supporters of the SEGNI IN ONDA platform and you will receive our membership e-card.

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You are acrobatic, intelligent, nice… you know how to save those in difficulty. So, what are you waiting for to make your contribution? Jump over the obstacle and get the opportunity to receive the newsletter dedicated to the DOLPHIN donors of Segni 2020 with special contents registered just for you, our membership card and the Segni 2020 t-shirt with the whale designed by Vinicio Capossela.

From € 80,00 
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You can live up to hundred years, you were born 200 million years ago… and although they say you are a species to be protected, you have a tough skin and great wisdom, which is your strength. Do not withdraw into your shell, acting as if you are going extinct. With SEGNI IN ONDA there will always be a beach you can reach, you will have access to all the contents of the platform throughout 2020, you will have our membership card, the Segni 2020 pin and the t-shirt with the whale drawn by Vinicio Capossela

From € 100,00


You are a majestic and wonderful creature. You are our totemic animal, our symbol. You're a myth!!! You are that extraordinary and mysterious creature whose song was sent into the space so that the extra-terrestrials - or the human species of the future – are aware of life on our wonderful planet. First of all, thank you so much! We will send you home the whale kit with access to all the contents of SEGNI IN ONDA for the whole 2020, our membership card, the Segni 2020 t-shirt and pin with the colours of the whale drawn by Vinicio Capossela. Surprise us with a tail flick.

The teacher can collect the money. 2 euros can make a difference for us. Your class will have the possibility to access the platform until Christmas 2020.


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