Animal Symbol

This festival fully communicates with children by using artistic languages to transmit them ideas. Every year the symbolic animal of the festival carries inside itself some contents, through an image drawn by a different artist every year, and through contents and messages able to stimulate reflection. This year’s selected icon tells us the mission of our festival: an attitude towards culture that sees in art a great chance to stimulate in children the ability to ask questions, to make choices and to develop, thanks to the participation in the cultural event, a transformation and a positive impact on our society.
This year’s animal symbol is THE WHALE:
Huge and graceful at the same time, the Whale, is the gentle giant of the seas, a creature of extraordinary intelligence and still mysterious. It is a marine mammal therefore deeply connected to the earth and to man even if its habitat is water. It does not have a nose but a blowhole at the top of its head, its spray is a breath. Instead of teeth, it has fanons that resemble the bristles of a toothbrush and act like sieves: they let the water out and retain food. The whale's baleen, in this particular moment, make us think of a mask, an accessory that we are learning to use, and like those it has a necessary and filtering function. The belly of the whale that has "hosted" several characters of literature, myth and cinema, is a welcoming environment, where you grow and transform yourself, to return to life, overcoming fears. 
This fascinating animal takes us deep inside, in search of the really important things and then invites us to come back to the surface a little wiser, with new ideas and resolving actions.
Recent studies have also shown that whales are able to absorb huge amounts of CO2, fighting global warming, and this makes them the perfect symbol of a Festival increasingly committed to raising awareness among new generations on environmental issues and sustainable behavior.  
We will publish soon the name of the VIP who will draw the animal symbol and then the contest COLOUR THE ANIMAL will start. The challenge COLOUR THE ANIMAL works exactly like a contest with prizes. A contest dedicated to all those who enjoy expressing their own creativity!

All the works we receive will publish on FB.



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