We are glad to welcome you to SEGNI New Generations Festival's Delegate Programme. 

So far, 2020 has been an extraordinary year for all of us.
We want to be able to imagine a future made of relationships and emotions. SEGNI decided to play its part producing a special edition: not limited, but increased.
An edition between online and offline enriched by SEGNI ON BOARD, an innovative digital platform designed in collaboration with experts of the evolutionary age that proposes itself as a prototype at European level and a research space for a quality artistic fruition for the new generations.
We need you to participate in this research! 

This is a challenging moment and we need to be dreamers even at the risk of taking the wrong paths in order to find new dimensions.

SEGNI New Generations Festival 2020 includes an offer of over 150 events in the most beautiful locations in Mantua and a digital stage created (segninonda.orgto ensure accessibility, environmental sustainability, and the international dimension of the festival. 

SEGNI offers you a delegate programme and two ways to be involved:  
  • LIVE, in Mantua from 31 October to 8 November by filling out the Google Form (deadline 15 October). Professionals are welcome during all the days of the festival to allow, in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions, the coexistence of professionals and spectators, one of the identity traits of SEGNI.
  • ONLINE, registering in the platform "SEGNI ON BOARD" from October 15th and take part in the Dialogues. 
The Dialogues are four appointments with four different formats, linked to the festival programme, and with important international guests: WINDOWS, GLOSSARIUM, FOOD FOR THOUGHT, POSTCARDS FROM THE CRITIC and a selection of shows available ON DEMAND on SEGNI ON BOARD.
This yearhaving experienced the contact at a distance, explored times of reflection that - in addition to the logic of the market stuck by the pandemic - have strengthened us and given us more identity awareness, as artists and as a sector, we have imagined, in collaboration with Liv.in.g. s.r.l. and Prospettive Teatralithe "DIALOGUES" section: 3 days to be all together between online and offline from 2 to 4 November.

Dialogues are:
  • a space for meeting and exchange to imagine together new scenarios, new sustainable models, consolidating our ability to cooperate at national and international level especially in times of pandemic;
  • three days of ONLINE confrontation accessible to all, with a selection of international shows;
  • Slack Channel to dialogue at a distance even after the festival is over. 
The DIALOGUES will be on SEGNI ON BOARD, in English with simultaneous translation from English into Italian and respeaking in English in Chat.
For further Information: festivalsegni@gmail.com