SEGNI New Generations Festival in 2021 develops in three steps!

- SEGNI at Giglio from June 21 to 25

- SEGNI d'Estate in Mantua from June 26 to July 17

- SEGNI d'Autunno in Mantua from October 23 to November 2

At a time like the one we are living, when the theatre has become seasonal, one of the main objectives for SEGNI is to make a virtue out of necessity: create a bridge and network with other festivals, increase opportunities of visibility for artists, keep open the international dialogue with a formula spread in time and space on multiple stages, in Mantua, Isola del Giglio and on the platform 

Synergies are underway with Festival Segnali, Vimercate Festival, Visioni di futuro, Visioni Teatro... and obviously with all the Chain reaction festivals.  

We are working on the details of the programme and festival delegates' packages, including at Giglio Island.

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