Acrobazie Critiche

CRITICAL ACROBATICS, a festival created in 2014 from a collaboration between the associations Prospettive Teatrali and Segni d’infanzia with the aim to give to young people the chance to live the theatre as a positive, funny and active experience.
Bringing an adolescent to the theatre can be considered as critical…acrobatics!
Is a teacher who initiates his pupils to theatre a little acrobat?
Does anything more acrobatic than theatre and art jobs exist?
When the critic tries to find words that explain and analyze by tiptoeing, he becomes automatically an acrobat. Writing a theatrical critic implies a comprehension and the ability to be active spectators of a process: it means being able to build acrobatics of words.
Critical acrobatics has the aim to activate “acrobatics” relationships between young people and theatre in order to give them the chance to approach the world of theatre through a set of actions able to catch their attention. The target is composed of many students of high schools in Milan and surroundings, that after having followed critic theatrical lessons will assist to the festival shows and then take part to a theatrical critic contest which offers the view circus show as prize. The circus, overall thanks to the new dramaturgic approach of the contemporary circus represents that section of theatre that refuses to be considered as anti- intellectualistic. “ It is theatre..but less boring” claim the adolescents.
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