Epicentro Culturale Valletta Valsecchi is a cultural regeneration project belonging to Valletta Valsecchi, a suburb of Mantova a little way outside the city centre. The project provides the involvement of foreign and italian citizens and the introduction of the suburb to the city’s cultural life. These events are created to produce a collaboration between the inhabitants and the international artists with the help and organizational management of Segni d’infanzia association. The project is set in three different places, each one with a different function: Spazio Gradaro, Hub Socio Educative at via Volta Ludarteca and Biblioteca Baratta.

The triennial project, supported by Fondazione Cariplo, has been created by Segni d'infanzia Association in partnership with Baratta Library, Alce Nero Cooperative, CHARTA Social Co-operative Onlus and Gradaro Parish church , with the aim to transform the Valletta Valsecchi area into a widespread cultural center through the active involvement of the residents, the schools, the associations and thanks to the theatre and cultural proposals it's able to generate integration between the different ethnic groups who live in the area and between the rest of the city.  The main objective is to reach out to the weak population groups, usually excluded from cultural life of the city for various reasons: living in peripheral area, the lack of  necessary resources to access it, not being reached by all the information, bringing out in them a new necessity: to nourish themselves of culture, to take  part in activities as protagonists and finding something of themselves and of their culture of belonging. At the same time it aims to encourage the residents of the city (who, often, identify the city center as the only active cultural space) to frequent also the peripheral areas that activate to become a motivation for cultural events.
36 months of activity with different type of actions  thought to give to the places of the area a new meaning, transforming them into offices for the development of the comunity life. The organization will be dictated by seasonal festivities  which is an important moment of reunion for the comunity, it will use aggregation power of the theatre and the formula of education workshop as a tool which stimulates the participation. For each year of the project a different theme as underlying principle of the proposals; The activities of the EpiCentro Culturale Diffuso will take place in 3 important venues : Spazio Gradaro ( with theatrical room and garden included) HUB Socio Educativo of via L.C.Volta and Biblioteca Baratta.
A project of urban  regeneration and of activation of the cultural center of the well-known  and multi ethcnic area Valletta Valsecchi which puts forward the positive experiences of previous projects which involved this area of the city, from “ L'arco e le pietre” to “ Tra la casa e la Piazza. Cittadini attivi per Valletta Valsecchi” and it's a continuation to the previous projects created to encourage  the residents to participate in cultural life of the area in order to generate and strengthen the sense of belonging and sense of comunity.
All the activities contribute to the creation of a stimulating process of active participation and are  capable of creating affection; for this reason they are cyclically repeated for example, in the populardestculture where the retuality generates the sense of belonging. In pipeline: different types of workshops, all aimed to collect stories and experiences shared by the comunity, addressed to the  schools, residents of the area, groups of summer Cred and Grest; festivals which take place every season, autumn festival, winter festival, spring festival and summer festival, in which merge results of different workshops in the form of exhibitions, reading and performances in addition to hosting real theatrical shows and convivial moments; accomoadtions of artists of the area, creative presentations, cultural explorations, listening rooms.

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