Produced by Segni d'infanzia with Théâtre du Gros Mécano of Québec City in collaboration with Accademia Perduta/Romagna TeatriAtrium di Chaville Paris and Museo Benaki of Athens.

Patchwork, une courtepointe d'histoire written and directed with four hands, is the result of an international co-production.  The production has two twin casts, one Italian and one Canadian. The show, more visual and expressive than of prose, deals with the theme of the identity in the current's contemporary and multicultural society. It puts on the stage the meeting of two characters who express themselves in Italian, English and French without impeding the comprehension of the story.

written and directed by Cristina Cazzola and Carol Cassistat
written in collaboration with Lucio Diana
on stage Sara Zoia and Daniele Tessaro
sets and lights Lucio Diana
original music by Nicolas Jobin
production Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri, Théâtre du Gros Mécano (Québec City), Segni d’infanzia Associazione, Atrium de Chaville Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (Paris), Museo Benaki  (Athens)

Genre live performers theatre
Duration '55
Age from 7 years up and all public from 5. Also suitable for middle and high schools.

Who we are?
How is our identity built?

We started from an image. A patchwork blanket, a courtepointe as they call it in Québec, made of many different pieces of cloth. Often woven with several hands, it can tell the story of a person, an event, an entire family or a generation. It narrates of the identity made up of many different fragments, it speaks of us, and of our multicultural being, of the humanity that is increasingly multicolored and multi-ethnic, but with intertwined roots. Family stories and genealogical trees that can only contain and be the result of many journeys. An identity generated by meetings and conflicts, the result of a thousand migrations. And so we build our private history, our identity, a mosaic of stories that starting from Africa with our ancestor Lucy, the first australopithecus, recalls the great journeys of humanity.

The show is the first concrete action that wants to have a following by collecting and promoting the creation of other shows, projects, workshops or creative actions capable of underlining our mixed nature of migrant peoples since the origin of human history.
The aim is to create a digital platform in which collect and give visibility to both simple objects and even complex projects linked by a theme: to raise awareness and bring out our migrant, multiethnic and multicultural identity... to create a patchwork!
A European network project that uses theatre to generate an awareness towards what is new and different, telling its stories. A project that aims to break down fears herald of hate and racism.
A red thread able to help us to weave together and to recognize our multicultural identity.

The show was realised by a mixed cast of four actors and two dramaturgs/directors who, coming from two different countries (Canada and Italy) and in some cases without speaking the same language, participated in the creation process which lasted two years through an ocean and 8 hours time zone.
The show wants to be the beginning of a dialogue with spectators, young people and adults, operators and artists who, moved by the theme 'Patchwork identity' want to actively collaborate through creative actions.
The goal is to increase the collective perception and cognizance in the new and old generations that the human being cannnot be separated from being the result of the meetings between cultures.

Cristina Cazzola, director and dramaturg

Two characters meet in a place without space and without time.
He is an anthropologist, she is a seamstress, for working reasons they are in a crossing point: an airport. They do not speak the same language, but communicating with gazed, gestures and simple words, using the narrative power of objects, they create a common language that makes the communication possible and fun.
Every detail of their luggage tells something, some objects unite them, others surprise them and thus they begin to tell about family trips and adventures. The encounter soon becomes a theatrical game where adults and children are involved in the reflection on two questions that have always accompanied us: who we are and where we come from. 
A fun backward journey through the branches of family's trees and the migrations that have built the history of humanity, to discover that our identity has always been a patchwork, part of a greater History where each of us is a unique and essential piece.


The places that have hosted and contributed to the creation of the show:
- Literary festivals: Festivaletteratura 2017
- Fine Arts Museums: Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Benaki Museum (Athens)
- Cultural integration projects: Epicentro Culturale Diffuso Valletta Valsecchi
- Theaters: Atrium de Chaville (Paris), Théâtre du Gros Mécano (Québec City), Theatrical Cantieri Koreja (Lecce), Teatro Nuovo (Pisa), Accademia Perduta Teatri (Emilia-Romagna)
- Festival: Shots of Scene 2018, GiocaTeatro Torino 2019

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