TEEN is an European collaboration, rearch project that aims to involve actively teenagers from 13 to19 years.

A European cooperation project, a direct search on the field that stimulates the active participation of young people from 13 to 19.
The project, conceived by Cristina Cazzola and presented by Segni d’infanzia association at the Creative Europe program, is dedicated to a teenager audience and involves three different theatre festivals for the new generations: SEGNI New Generations Festival (organised by Segni d’infanzia association, Mantova, November), AprilFestival (Teatercentrum Copenhagen, April), Show Box (Norsk Scenekunst Bruk, Oslo, December) and the University of Lisbon (Rui Pins Cohelo is the critic of involved theatre).
What is the aim?
Together with the TEEN group, composed of young boys and girls between 13 and 18, we want to discover which are the most suitable theatre shows for young people. Thanks to their critical look and listening to their needs and to their way to express themselves, we try to understand how and if it is possible to create a connection with an adolescent tough and involved audience.
How does it work?
Each country has its own TAG group composed of 50 people (TEEN CREW). Together with a local tutor the TAG groups go to the theatre, to the cinema, to visit art expositions and to concerts too. They carry out new critical approaches and shape their own thoughts thanks to these activities. Each teenager has to write his/her own diary to make critical comments to the shows watched together with the group or even on his/her own.Through the website and Facebook the different international TAG groups can stay in touch and exchange their opinions and reviews.
In each TAG group are selected three TEEN ambassadors who will visit the partner festivals and meet their young colleagues in Denmark and Norway together with the tutors.
Back to Mantua, they’ll share their adventures at the partner festivals while preparing to welcome the Danish and Norwegian guys at the SEGNI New Generation Festival in November.
Who can join the project?
If you’re between 13 and 18 and want to engage yourself in culture and theatre, because you’d love to learn new approaches to experience and you even love to read and would like to know other same age young people from all over Europe and use this opportunity to improve  your conversation skills in English, you can join for sure the TAG, and the TEEN crew.
So, if you are a young boy or a young girl between 13 and 18 and you want to travel around Europe, discover our festival, the world of theatre and arts, join our  project!
If you’re a cultural operator or an artist, you can follow the project or organize a TEEN workshop directed by Cristina Cazzola and discover the secrets of the TEEN engagement.

How to participate?
Download the call and send your application or ask for information to segnidinfanzia@gmail.com

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