What is home


Collecting and sharing expressions of identity.
In collaboration with the Benaki Museum of Athens.

From an idea of Cristina Cazzola and Sofia Handaka.


Tandem Europe Program
Realised collaboratively by the Benaki Museum in Athens, and Segni d’infanzia in Mantova, in the framework of the cultural exchange programme Tandem Europe.
Promoted by European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam ( ECF) and realised in collaboration with Fondazione Cariplo, Robert Bosch Stiftung in Stuttgart, Starvros Niarchod Foundation in Athens and in operative partnership with MitOst in Berlin, non profit organization.
“What is home?” is a reaseach project which includes a series of  workshops and theatrical shows aimed to increase the sense of comunity and of empathy on subjects such as, identity and migration, starting from the question “ What is home?”
It attempts to provoke and map personal, similar or different perceptions of the “intimate” and “belonging” with respect to the youth. Equally it attempts to become the vehicle for collecting and sharing personal, material and immaterial expressions of identity. Through cultural and artistic activities, which took place in the two cities - Mantua and Athens - during 2016 and 2017, the project worked as an awareness campaign, and at the same time, as a research process was aimed to discover the ideal tools for involving communities and young adults. It became a method capable of stimulating artistic and theatrical creation starting from a broader project, based on a participatory process and on trans-sectorial collaboration.

In Italy thanks to the process were realised:
- a trilogy of shows that started from the question 'What Is Home?' produced by Teatro del Piccione, Little heroes, Escargot and Pollicino;
- a new production process that involved two museums (Benaki Museum of Athens and Museè des Beaux arts du Quebéc), two theatre companies (Theatre du Gros Mecano of Quebéc city and Accademia Perduta Romagna Teatri) which had as outcomes a new awareness campaign and a show Patchwork, un mosaico di storie.




What is essentially the feeling of home? When you are on your way to take part in a theatre workshop ...

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