A European cooperation project, a research which involve teenagers (aged 10 to 19), teachers and artistic directors as an active part.


After the experience of the project T.E.E.N. Theatre European Engagement Network, Teen Ambassadors across Europe is a European cooperation project that aims to develop a sustainable and scalable inclusive audience engagement methodology, programming theatre for young audiences through a co-curatorial approach.

In the next 2 years 6 partners through 4 co-curatorial workshops and 8 Teen Kitchen Table meetings in 11 festival in the field of young audiences theatre, will produce a programme of co-curated performances with the goal of enabling culture professionals to better reach an increasing number of teenagers across Europe (aged 10 to 19).

The partners involved in this processual work are Teen Ambassadors, Artistic Directors of the performing arts field and a group of engaged Teachers to facilitate reflections on the school system and the role it plays in guiding the teens’ cultural experience.
The Teen Ambassadors are chosen teen spectators with an active involvement in the theatre experience that spread the practice to their peers resulting in a better audience engagement – often succeeding in this goal where adults in influencer’s position (such as teachers, parents, artistic directors) have failed. At the same time the Teen Ambassadors will represent their peers in the discussion with the Artistic Directors about what they want to see on stage during the co-curatorial approach.

The establishment of the co-curatorial approach is expected to ensure a long-term engagement and social inclusion thanks to the peer-to-peer approach and a qualified theatre offers inside the school system. The reflection tool Teen Kitchen Table engages at the same time teenagers, artistic directors, artists, playwriters and teachers in a way that stimulates a dialogue to find a new point of view on programming for teens.

Teen Ambassadors across Europe is co-funded by Creative Europe, the project’s partners are Segni d’infanzia (Italy), Teatercentrum (Denmark), Norsk Scenekunstbruk (Norway), cultuurcentrum Hasselt (Belgium), ‘laCaixa’ Foundation (Spain), Dialogue Community Performance (UK).

More information:
teentheatreproject@gmail.com - segnidinfanzia@gmail.com

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